Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Compounding fees

Whenever we are cought violating any traffic rule ( though it should not be the case, but at times one cant help) here is the information that we should know...

The following linked page lists the fine that is chargeable in case of any traffic violation...


Friday, September 19, 2008

Being a TRU follower

This blog aims to create a group of responsible citizens who care for Pune traffic. Now, whom am I targetting at? I am targeting all those vehicle drivers who commute to their office daily through there respective vehicles. I call all of them TRU followers who will enact for the betterment of traffic condition in our city and make us once again PROUD of being Puneite...

1. Adherance to Rules

The simplest possible way that anyone can contribute to the betterment of the traffic conditions in Pune is by adhering to the traffic rules. This is the first step to improve the traffic conditions in Pune. After all, the traffic is all about following rules. We can't expect any organisation like PMC or anyone else to improve things in a fortnight unless we ourselves contribute to the same. 

Adhering to the traffic rules is not limited to only following signals but also taking care of your fellow drivers while driving. One should always be a polite driver; give way to pedestrians on priority, do not overtake, and no rash driving. Many such issues need to be addressed. And whenever we talk about such issues, first of all we must understand them; like what is Rash Driving??? 
I will address this in my future blogs in detail. Surely I'll come up with the simple tips to be a TRU follower. Any input from you guys is much appreciated.

2. Pollution Under Control

Clean Pune has always been a motto. As the issue was taken up by the Pune Mirror in one of its edition, let's get our vehicles "genuinely" PUC certified. Let's have a clean Pune.

3. Creating Awareness

Once we are committed to follow all the rules, the next step to help is to create awareness about the traffic rules among the people. Creating awareness includes making people understand the importance and merits of following traffic rules. It's not only about traffic rules but also about the way one drives. Internet is one such means that we can exploit. We can 
So, lets start a movement where we take an oath to follow all the traffic rules as much as possible for us. Let's wake up our conscience to adhere to the traffic rules and be a TRU follower.

Internet only won't make a complete campaign as many of our audiences such as rickshaw drivers, cab drivers, students, etc. don't have access to it. Having talked about Internet, there are numerous ways to create awareness. Holding awareness camps in different area for specific audiences in the city is one of the best ways. Going to city colleges and having seminars to make them aware and then having volunteers to spread the word.

Let's make it to the a movement as we Indians did during independence. each and every person / student / child must be aware of traffic rules and the Dos and Don'ts while driving a vehicle. This will not only make our lives easier but also make us proud of being a Puniete and having tackled a genuine problem ourselves which out leaders failed to overcome.

Proud to be a TRU follower

contact me @ trufollower@gmail.com